About Us

Northern Edge Seafood has been providing the highest quality of fresh seafood to restaurants, caterers, and wholesalers since 1987.  With daily delivery routes via refrigerated truck across the northeast and air freight across the country, Northern Edge can provide you with the top of the catch delivered fresh from the boat to your door.


Northern Edge Seafood prides itself not only in the incredible quality of our product, but also in the service and attention we are able to give to our customers.  Our size allows us to be adaptable to our clients’ needs while maintaining a wide range of connections at fishing ports in the northeast and beyond.


You’ve tried all the rest now go with the best, Northern Edge Seafood.

The Northern Edge Story

Northern Edge Seafood is owned by Jay Blanchard and his wife Pat. The company’s origin dates back to the year 1987.  After ten years of working on a 100’ commercial scalloper, Jay rose from deckhand to captain.  Then the rules started to change.  When the union was broken the boats were forced to stay out twelve days or longer, keeping Jay from his wife Pat and their young children.  So Jay and Pat took a chance.  They pooled all their funds and purchased a small refrigerated truck.  With Jay’s knowledge earned through years of fishing and the connections he had made with the fish houses, he was able to approach wholesalers and restaurants all over the country that were looking for high quality seafood that is the top of the catch.



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